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Efficient pricing + effective tools

At So Wise Co., we help your business with best graphic design and website design at efficient pricing. Having worked closely with many small businesses and local government agencies, we understand the need for creative, flexible, multi-use marketing that works within affordable marketing budgets.

You’ll find we are straightfoward in our pricing. We will gladly provide estimates in one of the following ways:

By the project – with as much detail as possible about your project, we will work up a flat-rate quote for your project. Typically for these projects, we require a deposit and work on milestone installment payments, which will also be outlined up front.

By the hour – depending on your design needs, you may just need some hourly design work. Again, we will help review your project and work out an estimate that best fits your needs.

By the month – similar to a retainer, So Wise Co. provides monthly services as needed. Consider us your on-call marketing staff.

It’s all about building blocks.

Whether your business is ready for one block now, or maybe a whole stack of blocks, we are here to help you fill your marketing needs and grow your business.


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