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Updating Your Website is One Key to Success

November 2, 2014

Customers ask me on a regular basis “How much do I need to update my website?”

The many benefits to owning a website include: 1) online credibility that we are the business we say we are, 2) proof that we aren’t “fly by night” businesses, 3) proof of our commitment to modern society’s standards of communication (not outdated, but current and relevant), and 4) being easily accessible to our customers.

The not so easy to understand aspect to websites: Updating a website is equally important to owning a website.

  1. Did you know that search engines regularly look to see how “fresh” your content is?
  2. Did you know that your “fresh” level WILL AFFECT your search engine rankings compared to you your competitors websites?
  3. And did you know that an outdated appearance is dismissed immediately by potential customers? A site that looks stagnant can hurt your marketing more than it could help.
  4. Are your competitors updating and improving their websites? The longer you ignore your own website, the less relevant it becomes in comparison to your competitors and on search engines.

You may be too busy to update your website. But your competition is not.

Take steps today to update your site. Freshen the words. And an updated photograph. Include your newest service. It only takes a few minutes every couple of weeks to keep a great impression online. You’ll be glad you did.

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