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How to Ask for Referrals the Easy Way

December 14, 2015

Referrals are the best form of business advertising.

There’s no debating the value of a satisfied customer’s referral in today’s saturated media. When I consult with my clients on this topic, they each confirm the true power of a referral. However, despite the obvious benefits of a referral many of us aren’t leveraging them for business.

Why not? As business owners, why are we not actively seeking more referrals? Because the business of doing business gets in the way. In my experience, clients who aren’t actively seeking referrals are too busy or even feel awkward working such a request into the transaction. And many businesses I work with are intimidated by complication of referral incentive programs.

There are simple ways to achieve referrals – many that I’ve seen successfully implemented! Here are a few highly effective and easy to implement ideas:

  • Postcard or notecard handed at the end of the visit or mailed as a follow up. It can say, “Thank you” while also inviting them to refer a friend with a simple passing along of the card.
  • Business cards repurposed as referral incentives. Turn a simple business card into a “coupon” which is redeemable as an incentive for referrals.
  • In store signage that talks for you! A well designed, easy to read sign stating, “If we’ve served you well today, please consider referring us to a friend” gets the message across, especially near waiting areas or near exits.

It’s surprising how many times customers will refer friends – all we need to do is ask.  Simple tools such as postcards, business cards and signs are effective and easy ways to get started asking for referrals today.

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