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Five reasons to maintain your website

March 20, 2014


Perhaps you’ve heard by now that it’s a bad practice to put up a website and ignore it. But do you know why?

We bring you our top 5 reasons to have a website maintenance plan. These five reasons actually fall under TWO priorities: Avoid downtime. Stay relevant.


Priority ONE: Avoid website downtime

1) Having someone on-call to assist with your website woes is like being able to call a repair man when your air conditioner goes out. Do you really want to deal with it while it’s already broken and you are losing online traffic?  With the right web maintenance you can avoid down time completely or recover from a crash with lightning speed.

2) Avoid hackers. This one falls under “avoid website downtime.” Save money, data, and your online reputation. Website security threats are on the steady rise and dormant websites can be highly susceptible to tampering. It’s like leaving your mailbox filled to the brim while on vacation. It’s a signal that you aren’t paying attention. And once hacked you are at risk of losing data, being downgraded by search engines and having embarrassing moments with customers. It gets expensive to clean up. Your web host can get cranky. It’s just not a good place to be.


Priority TWO: Stay relevant with… everyone.

3) Your website visitors are looking for fresh content. Successful websites have accurate information and encourages visitors to do business with you. It encourages sales, keeps them coming back and especially suggests that you mean business if you are updating on a regular basis. Ignoring your website is like forgetting to change your retail displays, not dusting the shelves or not bringing in new inventory.

4) Search engines don’t like stale websites. After a period of inactivity, your website will lose rankings and drop off pages of the major search engines. After all there are other websites with newer and more relevant information.

5) Competitors are out there, regardless of your business. They are trying to outrank you and gain  your web traffic and your sales. Period.

Do you have a plan for updating your websiteGive So Wise Co. a call. We’ll provide you with easy suggestions or even a plan for having it handled for you.



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