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Personal Websites ~ A perfect solution for diverse entrepreneurs

January 16, 2014


Diverse entrepreneurs are facing a growing problem: “How to easily and affordably explain what ‘hat(s)’ you wear at work and at play? And how to ultimately contact you regardless of what ‘hat’ you are wearing at that moment?”

  1. Have you reached a point where you carry three or more separate business cards with your name on them?
  2. Do you debate WHICH card or which email to give to this new person you just met?
  3. Are you retired from one or more businesses, active in hobbies and are quite a bit “still in the game?”

Solution: Consider a personal website and business card. It’s your own portal on the Internet. Imagine a central point to direct people that can easily funnel everyone you meet. Our client, Steven Powell, although ‘retired’ from the traditional businesses, still consults and manages several other businesses across more than one industry. He is also very active within his community organizations. When meeting people, whether it’s for retail, construction, real estate, politics or piloting airplanes, Steve needed to easily direct people how to reach him. Our solution offered a single website and business card that make it easy for anyone to contact Steve. See his website here:

Are you wondering how a personal website might help you? Talk to Sonja for stress-free, professional suggestions today. And in Steve’s words, ““Thank you for everything.  It is truly a pleasure to know you and deal with you.” ~ Steve Powell

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