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Stickers as Instant Branding? Oh yes!

August 26, 2013

With many businesses looking for affordable ways to brand their image, I often suggest “multi-purpose” pieces.

These are items that can be used in more than one way, to save on your time, money and resources. And meanwhile your business appears thoughtful, consistent and well-branded while using these multi-purpose items.

A favorite multi-purpose item: Stickers


Not just any sticker. A well-designed and professionally printed, full-color sticker that fits

your business image. One that displays your logo, phone number and web address is a worthwhile investment and can be applied to just about everything.

Do a lot of things walk out of your door? Deliverables, goods or even perishables? Plain bags, plain notecards, plain tissue paper, handouts, delivery items and more are instantly branded with the addition of your branded stickers.

Do you use third-party or manufacturer marketing materials? Add your sticker to a “big name brand” brochure and not only does your customer know where to reach you, but your business gains instant credibility. Yes, really.

Don’t let something walk out of your door without your business name and contact information on it. And branded stickers might be just the right fit, even as just a short-term solution for boosting your business image and keep business coming back through your door.

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