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Logo and Website Update – are they really necessary?

February 10, 2016

We recently completed a logo update and new website for the successful consulting firm Fast Forward Solutions.

Their original logo and website were on point for delivering the business message and attracting business. So why bother updating their designs?

websitesFirst of all, the logo and website were starting to look like they were designed 10 years ago (which they were). Staying competitive by keeping up with modern design trends is a subliminal indicator to potential new customers.

Second, the website was designed in a time when the majority of people only looked at the Internet from their desktop computers. This original website didn’t cooperate very well with the new technology. And they were losing about 50% of website traffic as a result of the technology shift.

And finally, new technology has made new promotions available. Digital marketing, video implementation and even cool new promotional products required this company to have the newest tools (logo files in eps, pdf, png) to implement new marketing strategies.

While there are so many more reasons to consider upgrading a business brand, these three in particular made this update necessary for this business. What reasons would you have to update your own brand today?


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