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Like Father, Like Daughter – Advertising is a family thing.

December 3, 2014

I’m proud to say that I’ve learned so many great advertising and marketing skills from my father, a successful business owner for nearly 40 years. He learned from trial and error what worked, how and why, and what happens when you fail to advertise at all.

We recently wrapped a recording session at the radio station for his newest radio spot. I was excited to in the commercial with him. We’ve found for his business market that the personal touch of including family and adding memorable humor really works. And I can prove it. People stop me WEEKLY and tell me they heard me on the radio for my dad. AND we’ve stopped counting how many people say, “I came here because I heard you on the radio.” THAT is the result of a committed, creative, long term marketing investment.

My father taught me that each business is unique within each market. Finding what works and committing to the long term plan are the keys to success. And it can be fun along the way, too!


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