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Easy changes for a Consistent Brand makes for a successful display

May 25, 2015

So Wise Co. recently assisted our client with making simple upgrades for a consistent brand at their most recent trade show. GCPay is a web-based software service providing specific support to the Construction Industry billing systems. While they have an extremely beneficial product to offer, it can often be difficult to sum up the value of their service in a single glance or a first impression, especially in the busy-ness of a trade show setting.

Consistent brand helped to focus their message and break through the clutter with confidence. They presented a well-thought out display and offered easy to review hand-outs, along with interactive opportunities such as QR code, which helped the GCPay sales team to reach their audience fast. So Wise Co. assisted with the “What’s Missing?” question, helped to sort through their message, and helped GCPay put their best foot forward at their most recent trade show. They made a confident first impression, quickly and efficiently. And it provided a window of opportunity that has allowed them to connect with new customers and increase their post-event follow-ups.

A consistent brand and a focused message are key. Easy changes to your display can help break through the clutter of a trade show setting and get you connected with your future customers.

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